Nail your medical interview with real-world practice and peer feedback, from both sides of the table.

Getting prepared for your upcoming medical school interview has never been so easy.

  1. Learn from the Training Temple.
  2. đź”´ Record your answers in the Practice Dojo.
  3. Give others feedback while you wait on feedback for yourself.
  4. Rinse, repeat, improve, and nail your interview.
interview both sides of the table
step into the future with interviews ninja

Step into the future of interview preparation with Interviews Ninja.

Take A Collaborative Approach & Improve Rapidly

Feedback coming from other applicants like you help ensure it’s always updated and our internal systems guarantee it’s always relevant.

Build A Foundation From Expert Tutorials

Our tutorials and lessons are written by interview experts and updated constantly to reflect the most recent changes in the interview step.

Get Personalised Feedback For Each & Every Question

Interviews Ninja was built around you, with areas to learn, practice, reflect on feedback and test yourself to give you a clear idea of your progress.

Review Performance As an Interviewer

There's an incredible amount of value to be gained from "being" the interviewer - this is practice at it's finest.

50+ Interview Questions To Answer (And Counting)

Record yourself answering medicine interview questions and get feedback on your answers.

10 Full Simulated Mock Interviews To Practice With

Get as close to the real thing with a realistic, simulated mock interview. Expect to see this in the Exam Arena soon.

practice dojo

Practice Dojo

A n innovative approach to medical interview preparation has you answering over 50 different interview questions across 10 categories and reviewing other users through a peer feedback system.

Simply record your answer and let the community give you feedback. Then, give feedback to other users to consolidate your knowledge.

Our in-platform credit-based system provides balance to ensure you receive your feedback fast.

training temple

Training Temple

Nail your interview by preparing with our 30+ tutorials in 10 different topics.

Polish every aspect of your interview, from speaking speed and improving your self-confidence to specific preparation guidelines on the components of your subject-specific interview.

exam arena

Exam Arena

Challenge yourself by completing 10 simulated interviews.

The interviews in the Arena emulate the real length, question categories and human component by presenting you with a curated series of video questions and prompting you to record your answer immediately.

The ultimate trial to test your performance and measure your progress.

This is coming soon!

meditation zone

Meditation Mat

Take a pause and review your previously submitted answers, go through the feedback you’ve received and reflect on it.

This is the area to take in the advice and improvement opportunities and use it in your next sessions at the Dojo or the Arena.

You can then select the best feedback to help improve the platform by identifying top contributors.

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